Echo Park pet owner mourns the loss of a “best friend” in coyote attack

Feb 6, 2013

Eddie Hernandez and Loki. Photo courtesy Eddie Hernandez

Eddie Hernandez and Loki. Photo courtesy Eddie Hernandez

Eddie Hernandez was initially reluctant to adopt Loki, a young Chihuahua that Hernandez’ sister-in-law rescued from the streets of Rialto last summer. “I was hesitant to adopt him at first because I had to put down my previous Chihuahua of 13 years due to illness,” said Hernandez of Echo Park. But Hernandez eventually brought Loki into his home and life.  The dog soon became  “my best friend and loyal companion,” Hernandez said. On Saturday night, after a nap, Hernandez took Loki outside and within moments of stepping off a deck and into the yard, the small dog was gone, snatched away by a coyote.

“I guess I must have scared the coyote because he deposited Loki’s body in the hillside, intact,” Hernandez said via email. “Loki was unfortunately dead when I found him.”

Hernandez said he wants to warn neighbors about the threat coyotes pose to small dogs and family pets. They are hunters and can run extremely fast, jump up to 14 feet high and dig deep underground, making most walls and fences ineffective, he said. “I have notified my neighbors and want to remind your readers that all it takes is a few seconds to lose your loved one.”

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