Echo Park journalist pursues a different kind of beat

Feb 19, 2013

When she’s not writing stories for the L.A. Times, reporter Kate Linthicum of Echo Park performs as a vocalist for a group called Basement Babies, which this month released a music video featuring a new song, “Avenues.”  Most of the “Avenues” video seems to have been shot in Echo Park, including scenes on the Laveta Terrace Steps and at  A Grocery Warehouse on Sunset Boulevard.  What’s a journalist doing singing in clubs and shooting  a music video?  Linthicum, in a 2011 West Coast Sound interview, said:

“In the post-digital world, there’s a whole new set of references, and we’re compressing our lives into keys and screens,” says Linthicum. “So more than ever, we need to hear singers and the beat of the drum. The power of rock and roll is still there, but can we be, like, not too embarrassed to fully embrace it? That power is still relevant.”

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