Eastside scenes from Election Day: Misguided voters; “I Voted” cookies; Dems party at Dodger Stadium

Nov 7, 2012

Voters and poll workers at St. Theresa Avila school in Silver Lake

Echo Park garage doubles as polling place

They came with their dogs, lined up at community centers and cast their votes in garages. Voters across the Eastside today headed to their polling places-if they could find them-to elect a President as well as make decisions on a variety of other federal and state office holders as well as wade through a list of statewide propositions.

Here are some scenes as they took place during the day:

Misguided Voters

Eleanor Burian-Mohr, who lives on Lemoyne Street in Echo Park,  describes herself as a “very angry voter” this morning after a sign at her usual polling place, Elysian Heights Elementary, directed her to the Elysian Valley Recreation Center on Ripple Street after a last-minute relocation. After going home to find directions,  Burian-Mohr drove to the Elysian Valley Recreation Center, where polling place staff could not find any information about her.

After filling out a provisional ballot, Burian-Mohr returned home and went online, where she discovered her polling place had been moved to St. Therea of Avila School in Silver Lake.  She said by email:

I have been registered at the same address since 1976 and I have voted in every single election.  How can something like this happen?!  And what about the people without the wherewithal to actually find Ripple Street?

Check to find out if your polling place has moved.

Where is Grace E. Simons Lodge?

That’s the question many Echo Park voters were asking after their polling places was shifted from  the Echo Park United Methodist Church to Grace E. Simons Lodge in Elysian Park.  Unlike the church, Grace E. Simons Lodge is located far from any bus line.  Paul McConnell, who left a comment on The Eastsider’s polling place story, checked Google Maps to find out how to get to the lodge. Here’s what he found:

What I am given is a 29 minute walking route (ultimately along the south end of Elysian Park Drive – a gated, broken black-top park service road) that doesn’t mention that the only true approach to the lodge is Stadium Way – itself a four lane parkway that is busy all morning and late afternoon with downtown commuter traffic and along the length of which are no sidewalks. Instead what you have is a dirt slope on the east side and a gopher ridden grass bank on the other – neither ideal walking terrain, especially if you use a cane or a walker, much less a wheelchair.

Another Echo Park resident  who punched in her address into the county’s poll location finder,, was directed to Grace E. Simons Lodge in Elysian Park. But the map that accompanied the instructions showed the lodge was located outside of the park on Lilac Terrace, nearly a mile to the south of where the lodge stands.

Despite the confusion, residents still found their way to Grace E Simons, according to one early-bird voter:

Fifteen minutes after polls open the line is fifteen people (and two dogs) deep outside of Grace E Simons lodge … People have arrived so far on foot, in a taxi cab, with dogs, by car, on a bicycle, and pushing a baby stroller.

Sweet Treat for Voting

The Village Bakery & Cafe in Atwater Village is rewarding those who took time to vote today with an “I Voted” cookie fringed with red and blue sprinkles. Just wear your “I Voted” sticker proudly before you go in for a cookie. (Photo from Village Bakery/Facebook)

Democrats Party at Dodger Stadium

Photo by Scott Fajack

The Los Angeles County Democratic Party will hold its Election Night Celebration after the polls close at the Stadium Club at Dodger Stadium. But a person named Bob, who left a comment on the party website,  wanted to know the cost of admission, parking and food. The reply:

Hi Bob. The event is free, as is parking. Food will be served but the Dodger Dogs may go fast. See you there!

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