Eastside Property: Live like a king in a City Terrace castle

Jun 3, 2013

Castle Wooline/Courtesy Jack Sullivan

The narrow and winding streets of City Terrace are lined with some oranate Spanish Colonial-style homes complete with turrets, zig-zagging stairways and balconies. One of those homes, a duplex on Woolwine Drive, was purchased and renovated by Jack Sullivan and Felis Stella. The couple live downstairs  in what they call Castle Woolwine, leaving the upstairs unit- a three-bedroom, 1,925-square-foot – apartment – up for rent.   After a significant amount of the work, the couple are now looking for tenants to share Castle Woolwine and are asking $1,975 a month.

Asking nearly $2,000 a month for an apartment in City Terrace, which is part of unincorporated East Los Angeles, seems pretty high for a neighborhood that lacks few middle-class amenities.  But Sullivan and Stella are counting in part on the apartment’s size – which is larger than many Eastside homes –  and its historic charm (check out that vintage bathroom tile and bathtub) to attract tenants.  Sullivan describes some of the renovation work the couple performed on the place:

We restored the original hardwood floors in the bedroom in the unit – they were covered under ancient carpet (YUCK!) and needed to be repaired, sanded and treated.  We also replaced the bad windows in the bedrooms.  The doors for closets and such – my wife spent a lot of time finding original hardware for those.  And I spent a good bit of time stripping and redoing the existing 1930 hardware on the windows in the living room, laundry room, dining room, powder room and breakfast nook.  We also went in and fixed the large bathroom – lots of regrouting, adding ventilation and lighting to the shower, putting in shelves, and replacing the hardware on the built-ins.
If that’s not enough to win you over, the apartment’s turret serves as  a light-filled and regal breakfast room.

Breakfast room in the turret/Courtesy Jack Sullivan

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