Eastside Property: Boyle Heights fourplex in need of a real estate rescue

Jun 21, 2012

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This Spanish Colonial-style fourplex is obviously in need of a lot work. Where to start? Vandals have knocked giant holes in the walls, ripped out cabinets and have tagged up the interior of the 82-year-old building. Trash and debris fill the basement and balconies. And that yellowed banana tree out front could use a trim. “Investors delight,” says the Redfin listing. “This classic 4plex needs to be completely rehabbed.” Despite all the damage, the Dobinson Street building still retains, from the street, an imposing,castle-like presence and the historic charm that is common in parts of Boyle Heights and neighboring City Terrace.

There are are still many vintage elements that should be preserved when and if an investor does show up with a contractor. The bathrooms are trashed but there is still mint and lilac tile work, a popular combination during the 1930s. The walls are tagged up but there are still large, arched wood windows overlooking south-facing balconies. But anyone who wants to rescue this fourplex, priced at $335,0000, better have a lot of cash in addition to love for classic L.A. architecture.

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