Cyclist and volunteer collide during L.A. River clean up

Apr 30, 2012

An Elysian Valley resident is calling for more to be done to reduce conflict and collisions between cyclists and pedestrians on the L.A. River bike path after a teenage girl was knocked down by a bike rider while she volunteered at Saturday’s annual Los Angeles River clean up. Elysian Valley resident Alan Anderson heard about the incident from volunteers as he walked along the path on Saturday during Friends of the Los Angeles River’s annual clean up.  The cyclist, according to volunteers, did not even bother to stop. Anderson did not see the collision himself but he was on hand when a male cyclist clad in yellow bike gear barreled through the crowd of volunteers, yelling “Get off the bike path!” as he zoomed by.

An official with the Friends of the Los Angeles River confirmed that a female volunteer was knocked down by a cyclist but the woman, who scraped her knees during the fall, declined medical attention and remained at the clean up site in Elysian Valley.  The FOLAR officials did not have further details about the incident, which took place at one of 15 clean up sites that attracted thousand of volunteers.

Saturday’s incident was the most recent example of  collisions, near-misses and and tension between cyclists and pedestrians on the narrow river path that was extended through Elysian Valley in late 2010.  Last summer, signs reading “Share the Path” were installed along the pathway in Elysian Valley but problems have persisted.

“We need to do something more than has been done about this shared-path conflict,” said Anderson, who lives a short walk from the river and pathway. “Other cities have clearly marked paths that reference municipal codes regarding shared bike paths. It seems that we just can’t quite get that to happen here. Let’s not wait until a serious injury occurs before we take some more positive action.”

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