Car slams into Echo Park gas station

May 28, 2012

Car crashed into metal enclosure next to Echo Park gas station

Police today are trying to find out how a car jumped a curb and flipped over its side at an Echo Park gas station early this morning.  Residents came rushing out of their homes and apartments at about 1:30 a.m. after hearing large booms and found a silver Volkswagen on its side and wedged up against an iron enclosure on the side of the Echo Fuels station at Echo Park and Morton avenues. “I thought a plane had crashed,” said Mariel Garza, who left her home and came down to the corner gas station after hearing the booms.

What she found was debris and gasoline across the station and a group of residents who had gathered near the car, whose driver had crawled out of the vehicle, according to police.  “There was gas everywhere,” said Garza of the fuel that had come out of the damaged car.

The driver was taken to a hospital to be treated for her injuries, said Sgt. Chris Carson with the LAPD Central Traffic Division.  Carson said tests showed the woman was  not driving under the influence but it’s not clear why her vehicle went sailing through the gas station.  The driver of the vehicle kept saying “Who hit me? Who hit me? said Garza.

A worker at the gas station, formerly known as Magic Gas, said he and other workers spent four hours cleaning up debris at the station, where the impact tossed a large trash dumpster across the sidewalk and bent a large metal gate.  The car brushed against the fuel pumps, ripping off hoses but the gas on the ground was not from the station, he said.

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