Angeleno Heights coyote eludes capture *

Jul 10, 2012

2010 photo by Minette Layne/Flickr

A coyote that is believed to have killed several cats in Angeleno Heights during the past week managed to get away from a city Animal Services officer on Sunday, according to an Angeleno Heights resident.  Julie,  who did not want her last named used, said Animal Service officers showed up twice on Sunday but failed to capture the wounded animal, which has been active near W. Kensington Road and Laveta Terrace. Said Julie

“One officer [was] trying to catch it with one of the sticks with a rope at the end. She said they have more luck if there are more officers to surround it, especially if it’s in a fenced yard. But only one [officer] was available yesterday, and the coyote was in the street, easily able to run away.”

The Eastsider has contacted Animal Services for more information. Julie advises that pet owners might want to keep their animals inside for the time being – even during the day.  “It’s been walking around all day today, so it’s not just a threat after dark.”

* Update: While Animal Services could not catch a coyote in Angeleno Heights, Silver Lake blogger Will Campbell was able to catch a coyote this morning – on video – as the animal took its time enjoying a meal in the neighbor’s  yard.  Click here to read his description of the early morning encounter and watch more coyote video.


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