Angeleno Heights apartment includes 2 bedrooms, kitchen sponge and man underneath bathroom sink

Jul 6, 2012

Photos from Craigslist

Perhaps the rental market in Angeleno Heights and neighboring Echo Park is tight enough that it does not really matter what kind of photos are used to promote a rental listing – even one asking $2,000 a month. How else to explain a Craigslist ad for a two-bedroom Angeleno Heights apartment on Allison Street that is illustrated with photos that prominently feature a sponge on a kitchen sink,  a peak into a laundry closet and in image of a man (plumber?) crouched underneath a bathroom sink.

It sounds like even the person who placed the ad concedes that the images don’t do a very good job of selling the place:  “Sorry could not show more pictures but feel free to come check out the place.”

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