A Tasty Way to Beat the Heat: 3 good ice cream shops in Highland Park, Lincoln Heights & Silver Lake

Jul 15, 2013

By Valentina Silva

Summer heat gives you the right to indulge in ice cream at least every other day, right? You’re lucky, too, because there are so many great ice cream shops on this side of town, most of them making beautiful ice creams, gelato, and frozen yogurt on the premises.

Here are three great beat-the-heat-icy-sweet saviors from an ice cream fanatic (me):

Tejuino Los Reyes, Lincoln Heights/Valentina Silva

Tejuino Los Reyes: This Lincoln Heights ice cream shop is really just a storefront where people line up in droves for nieves—there’s no seating, minus a bus bench. You can choose from ten or so flavors of this Mexican-style ice cream, with either a leche or agua base. Milk-wise, the chocolate has a rich cocoa taste, a light, airy texture and the occasional chocolate chip while the pistachio is outrageously nutty.  Mixing a milk-based flavor like creamy coconut with a water-based one such as tart lime or subtly sweet mango is a good move. The medium gets you four scoops in a big foam cup.

Tejuino Los Reyes
2707 N. Broadway, Lincoln Heights

Oasis Ice Cream, Highland Park/Valentina Silva

Oasis Ice Cream: Oasis is one of Highland Park’s greatest gems. Ice cream and frozen yogurt are made daily by the owner, a very nice woman named Doris. The frozen yogurt, made with fresh fruit and agave, is the star here. Try daring flavors like spinach and alfalfa, or go the traditional route with banana, guava or raspberry. The options change daily and begin to dwindle as the day wears on, so go early. Sundaes are hefty and come with whipped cream, sliced bananas and peanuts.

Oasis Ice Cream
5526 Monte Vista St., Highland Park

Pazzo Gelato, Echo Park & Silver Lake

Pazzo Gelato: Even though it’s become a mainstay, Silver Lake’s Pazzo Gelato never gets old. Made with fresh, local produce daily, the flavors are distinct and intense. Fruit sorbettos like cantaloupe and blood orange are summer favorites that mix beautifully with creamier standbys like toasted almond fig or stracciatella. The line can stretch way too far, but it’s worth the wait.

Pazzo Gelato
3827 Sunset Blvd., Silver Lake
1910 W. Sunset Blvd., Echo Park

Not pictured here, but also worth mentioning: Paradis in Los Feliz, Scoops in Highland Park and KindCreme in Echo Park.


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