Mayfield Musicians Make Merry

Dec 12, 2009
Mayfied musicians tk

Mayfield musicians Veronica Anorve on piano, Melanie Hsu on flute, Annalise Arboes on electric guitar, Monique Garcia on drums and Meredith Myers on acoustic guitar.

Sorry for the alliteration, but the scene we stumbled upon at Jones Coffee the other day made us so happy that we had no choice. As I was leaving with my coffee, girls in red sweatshirts and Santa hats started arriving, laden with black instrument bags, so of course we had to stay and see what was happening. It was musicians from the Mayfield Senior School Music Conservatory and their teacher, Dan Ostermann, and before long they were serenading the afternoon coffee crowd with a terrific, jazz-infused performance of holiday music. One of the spectators turned out to be an old pal from college, Ernie Arboles, whose daughter was performing, so thanks to Ernie for the photo.

1 Response for “Mayfield Musicians Make Merry”

  1. Michele Zack says:

    I love Mayfield, and miss all the cultural/artistic riches they brought into our lives when our daughter attended. The arts are really taken seriously by this school, I only wish all kids had so many creative outlets! What can we do to bring like programs into our public schools? (Marshall, where our daughter also attended, has a great music department, and I know other schools do as well. Perhaps this kind of smaller grouping that can be more flexible re: performing at local coffee houses, would allow more performance opportunities?)



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