The Bones

Jun 22, 2009

thebonesAlmost never do I have a great time reading a novel, talk it up to my husband, and then see him not only read it but love it. Such is the case with The Bones, which I discovered a couple of months ago when author Seth Greenland took part in a panel I attended called “Fiction and Humor” at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. A sprawling comic novel that takes aim at Hollywood, in particular the TV industry, The Bones has it all: a page-turning plot, a host of characters that manage to be both hilarious and believable (a rare achievement), adventure, peril, skewering of deserving targets, and great quantities of laughs. It’s especially hilarious (in a depressing way) if you’re a longtime toiler in the TV business, like my husband, but it’s a very fun read even if you’ve never set foot on the Paramount lot.

The Bones, by Seth Greenland ($14,95). Available at Vroman’s and other independent booksellers.
— Colleen Dunn Bates



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