Franz Kafka Fits Right In

Nov 4, 2012

Pencil drawing by Suki of

My son had to read this for his freshman year at college. I picked it up after he left and found it just as funny, sad, and absurd as the first time I read it (perhaps when I was in college myself).

But, I found it a far more sinister metaphor these days, both as a parent and a citizen; the powerlessness of youth, the indifference and/or hostility of the state, the 99%…

Gregor—in all of his helpless squalor—is any of the disenfranchised, and his family, who are ultimately dragged down by his very existence, stand in for all of us who do nothing but stand by and throw scraps to the incomprehensible “other,” those of our brothers who are only trying to survive. Cliff Notes that!!

And—go vote.



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