Camelot & Vine by Petrea Burchard

Jun 20, 2013

Cadbury“I hadn’t planned on a mid-life crisis…but I was gripped by the urge to run.”

“As soon as the plane took off I knew I’d made a mistake.…The pilot chattered away over the intercom. It would take something like nine hours to get to London. Nine hours of panic in economy class was just plain impractical.”

“I dragged myself into a stall, locked the door, hung my purse on the hook and cried while I peed.”

And so begins Camelot & Vine, the mind-bending journey of 39-years and 364-days-old Casey Clemens, who’s having a day and a half she’d rather not be having. The dung that hits the fan is so major that she splits L.A.’s youth obsessed entertainment industry for the quiet and calm of the English countryside—without thinking a half a second longer than is needed for her to purchase an airline ticket.

Upon arrival, jet lag, hunger, and exhaustion lead Casey to misstep, landing her in another dimension, another epoch. Literally. Incredibly, it’s the exact period that Casey grew to love, with characters she came to idolize, during the years her father read to her as a child. I suppose if you’re having a mid-life crisis and you can’t run home to mama (or papa), the next best thing is to run to what reminds you of them. For Casey, it’s Camelot and King Arthur’s court.

Between wrapping her mind around the reality of time travel, caught between fearing for her life and falling for a legendary (possibly fictional character), and figuring out how to catapult herself back to her own era, Casey doesn’t know whether she’s coming or going, even as she’s barreling ahead at full speed—and the reader’s gripping the reins right along with her.

So, while you’re kickin’ it at the beach, chilling on the porch, or feeling the grass between your toes at the park this summer, Camelot & Vine is an adventure with sprinklings of suspense and action, a splash of comedy, a dose of history, and the always-irresistible touch of romance.


Petrea Burchard is a local Pasadena photographer, blogger, actress, voice-over talent, and now, author. She contributes book reviews to Hometown Pasadena, for which we and our readers are very grateful. Find more Petrea doings, writings, and photography at and LivingVicuriously.

Camelot & Vine can be bought locally at Vroman’s, the Pasadena Museum of History, and Webster’s Fine Stationers in Altadena. The ebook version is available for Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Kobo, Diesel, Smashwords, and the Sony eReader.





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