With or without a Christmas bow

Dec 12, 2011

Some years James and I have been very predictable in our Christmas gift desires. This year I asked for something that is low in twinkle factor but will offer great returns.

In the past I’ve tried growing an avocado tree from a pit and have had no luck. Actually I’ve tried several times and failed every single time. Every time it’s been fascinating to see the root begin to grow, to see all those wonderful root hairs and then divide and divide. Each time hope would rise. It’s usually at this point that potential tree dies.

After a while I’d try again. I love the fruit of the aguacate.

I can eat it with cheese and lemon juice in a tortilla, on top of a green salad, mixed with garbanzo beans, on top of toast, with pickled onions and raclette, and so many other ways.

We have one last area of the backyard that is crying out for a fruit tree. This is the baby avocado tree will fill that spot sometime before December 25th. I can barely wait.

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