Ups and Down

Jun 16, 2017

Deep breath.  Last 10 days have been busy.  Watch out typos may be lurking
Lots of Ups; one Down.
If you’re more into narratives and not lists, this will not be the post for you.

We are a two car family again.  Given a whole variety of reasons we ended up with an SUV – RAV4 Hybrid.  Name is pending.  We’ve been referring to it as Big Blue, but that is a bit too IBM-y and the initials remind me of Netanyahu or a Neuwirth.

Our first outing with the new car was to hear Cambalache at the Aratani Theatre at the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center.  Fandango beforehand  – claro.  And the beauty of what jarocho can be was outside and on the stage.  Multi-generational, multi-talented folks enjoying and expressing themselves.

Fresh cherry pie made by Hermano Luis.  You weren’t expecting pictures, were you?  Not when it’s that delicious.  lol

Attended Spoken Word event at the Sidewalk Cafe which is located at Hensteeth Square.  Words and images surrounded us; red beans and rice, thoughtful odes to the black experience, and a bus ride without leaving the room.

Research on the history of La Pintoresca Library via the Central Library Archives.  Young Phong has been the staff member who’s been helping; what a joy to work with him!

Dinner in Boyle Heights at Guisado’s.  Again, no picture.  Same reason.  Priorities.

Lunch at Jane’s place.  12 women who have all sorts of accomplishments; many brilliant artists.  Janet Fitch read a bit to us from her new book, “The Revolution of Marina M.”,  that is being proofed for November sale.  I can barely wait.  Until I get an okay to share artwork, here’s a picture of Janet.  

No lunch pictures.  I think there’s a pattern here.

Dinner with Ms. Daisy.  All the better for Kevin joining us for dessert AND then Matthew just dropped by.  You really weren’t expecting an image were you?

Here’s the only food image I have to share.  I think this is after James buttered his toast.  The critters don’t care what it was.

The coyotes are back.  Two of them were next door.  And somehow or the other they gifted us with part of their prey.  We’ve been making ourselves very present out of doors and extra careful with the critters.

We haven’t seen the coyotes for the last couple of days.  And no evidence that they’ve been around.

Friday was a Date Day.  Chores done, James and I went off to the hinterlands.  Well, to EastLosLand to see art.  I’m not sure if it was the art of East Los or King Taco that had him cheering. (Shhhh-it was King Taco).

We saw some the wonderful work at Chimmaya and the Vincent Price Art Museum on the ELAC campus.  James was happily shocked that there was no admission.  We both love the idea that fine art is available to students and their community for free.  We also appreciated the architecture of the building and the use of space throughout. 

We’ve had a chance to enjoy their permanent exhibit, so we stopped at a couple of temporary exhibits.

Yreina D. Cervantez was one of the founding artists of Self Help Graphics.

She has an ability to mix beauty, color, form, and philosophy and often wraps it up with a sweet bit of humor.  Some of her work also includes clear historical references and comfort with the bicultural connections.  Above her head are stylized speech scrolls with comments in colloquial English and Spanish.  
Wiri Wiri con Nagualito/Chit Chat with Nagualito

Ms. Cervantez’ exhibit was curated by Marialice Jacob and Ana Guajardo.

Their were several other exhibits including – “A Colonial Atlas: Strategies in Contemporary Art of the Americas”.  The focus of this exhibit related to “questions of colonialism and post colonialism in an effort to locate ‘place’ in contemporary society”.  A complex question with a vast array of artistic and philosophical responses.  

The use of the space was wonderfully stimulating. 
It was organized by Pilar Tompkins Rivas.
I may need to go back again.
Eastside Cafe
Pasadena Public Library
Janet Fitch
Yreina D. Cervantes
Vincent Price Art Museum

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