To and From Portland-2,240 miles of so much to see

Feb 17, 2013
I admire folks that have Daily Photo blogs; I read Pasadena Daily Photo almost daily. It’s enlightening and/or fun to read Petrea Burchard’s thoughts. Karin Bugge and lots of other folks regularly write and share their very cool pix on their blogs, too.  There’s a consistency about knowing they are there that’s comforting.  
As for me, I try to write as often as I can, but sometimes the day doesn’t roll out in a way that gives me time to share what I’ve seen.  Sometimes it’s a couple of weeks.  
But what I do see is often pretty darn interesting.  Here are a couple of snaps from my last trip to and from Portland.
Depending on mood and access, pictures are taken with my iPad, iPhone, or Canon:Elph.  With digital photography, I feel comfortable pointing, shooting and praying.  About 100% of the photos that I take while driving are mystery photos.  Have no idea what might be in the picture, but on occasion they can be keepers.  Usually the labels will let you know what source was used.  Also the rearview mirror in the unedited pix is a dead give away.

Somewhere, heading north

California Theater, Dunsmuir, CA
Ruddle Cottage, Dunsmuir, CA
Mt. Shasta and Black Butte

Mt. Shasta basking in the early afternoon sunlight

Mission San Miguel, San Miguel, CA

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