They came, we saw, they conquered

Dec 6, 2012

For the last 5 or 6 years the Pasadena Senior Center has held a tea for the Tournament of Roses Royal Court.  These are busy young women who represent the Tof R at over 150 events, leading up to the Big Day on January 1st.  They are lovely, gracious, and smart.  Based on interactions I saw between them and the seniors, they are also rather kind.  It’s really hard to feign interest in children or elders.  When one cares, it shows.

As members of the Royal Court there is training received so that they respond and present in a most Royal Way.  Not a directive was uttered and the group went from cluster to formation for this photo.

2013 Royal Court, Queen Vanessa beside Angie Gomez of the Pasadena Sister City Committee

The tea at the Senior Center is usually fairly formal.  The program includes: thanks for coming to the Senior Center, introduction of the Royal Court, performance by the Tap Chicks – dancers who age ranges from mid-50s to mid-80s, and a brief opportunity for informal photos with the Court.  Then the members of the Queen and Court Committee shepherd the young women to the next event.

Tournament of Roses, Royal Court Committee members, E. Cardenas and J. .J. Gish

This year began following that format.  And then it happened.  The Tap Chicks and their Tap Dude began to perform “Gangham Style”.  Seeing this clearly tickled the Royal Court.

The formal photo with Chicks and Dude morphed into a performance for the ages.

To be continued….

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