The View from Rose Hills

Jan 7, 2013
James is the photographer in our family.  Yes, I am proud of the pix I take, but it is by grace of God and  my capacity of my able phone or camera when my pictures turn out decently.  James actually focuses and adjusts his camera lens.   Luck is involved there, too, but it is a lower level of luck needed.
 The View from Rose Hills  photo
On a day like yesterday, filled with dramatic clouds and shifting skylight, I felt I had to take James to a new, high, open space that I discovered this fall.
 The View from Rose Hills  photo
 The winds are really blowing through our basin today.  Gusts come up in strong fits and starts.
I’m hoping the main thing they leave is sweet memories of clear skies and cool temperatures.

 The View from Rose Hills  photo

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