The Pánfilo Tales – It’s part name, part context

Dec 14, 2012
The good sisters at Self Realization Fellowship expressed a particular fondness for Pánfilo.  We had a brief, somewhat informal interview before they entrusted him to our care.  They sent him with things he liked – food, toiletries and toys.  They sent the Halloween costume he wore and the outfit they had bought for him for Christmas.  
Neither James nor I have costumed our critters, but it seemed like they might enjoy a pic of Mr. P in his Santa garb.  
He didn’t complain so much as wonder why we were doing what we were doing.  

We took a couple of photos, some more cute than others.  He is rather photogenic, so we had lots from which we could later choose.
And yet, somewhere in his response, or our household’s impact, or anyone of a hundred other reasons…

a sort of transformation took place.
And he changed from Doggy Santa to 

Santa Vato.

 If you don’t believe me here’s the link to Carlos Santana’s “Oye Como Va”.
Bring up another screen, start it playing and looking at the last four pics, and tell me I’m wrong.

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