The crazy hazy days beginning in May

Apr 26, 2012

I think I’ve been writing so much because the next couple of weeks will be crazy busy with other things.  Mostly with preparations and presentations.  It’s a lucky life I lead that I am invited to participate in a lot of different venues and do a lot of different things.

This work week will be replete with committee meetings.  Good things all.  I’ll be most ethical after Thursday night as that’s when I’ll be attending the City’s Ethics training.  These sorts of trainings have been part of the educational cycle City of Pasadena commissioners go through.  Helps us from becoming a Bell, CA.

The weekend will be full of history and celebrations  – first they’ll be Los Californianos Membership Meeting, followed by Latino heritage celebrations taking place around the Plaza Olvera and LA Plaza.  Sunday afternoon will be great fun – going to the party celebrating Dolores Huerta’s 82nd b’day.

May 2nd I’ve been asked and will feel most honored to give the Invocation at the Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast.  Thanks to Dolores Hickambottom for considering me for this.

May 4th will find me @ Madison Elementary sharing a bit about Latinos in Pasadena.  Working with younger students always helps me get to the core of the topic.  You get too esoteric and you’re a goner.  What does this mean and why is it interesting  (to me) is what matters most to them; to most of us, really.  Best way to keep history vibrant.

May 5th I get to do one of the things that is most fun.  I get to be the emcee for PCC’s Puente Project.  It’s their 20th anniversary – what a joy to celebrate and not have to write the script.

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