Thanks to the helicopters

Feb 21, 2012
It was the sound of the helicopters that brought me outside this morning. I can ignore them when they are flying by, when they hover near the foothills I know that something is up. I suspect I’ll find out later why they were hovering.
In the meantime I’m thankful for their sound and my needing to be nosy and go outside.
The air is so soft and our plants are trying to figure out what season they’re in. Some are blooming away because of the heat, others are hovering in their own way between blooming and resting. I suspect that in the future someone who reads small tree rings will find this year illuminating.

As for me, today, I found myself drinking in the colors of the blooms.

enjoying the fact that plants recently planted are doing just fine,

and walking a bit more slowly inhaling the scent of alyssum as I go back indoors to get back to my work.

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