Sense and sensebilidad

May 8, 2012
You may have seen Nilda in the photos of the Pasadena Latino Coalition.  I don’t mind going to committee and group meetinng because I get to meet some fun folks.  Nilda is one of those folks.  
We know that we are at the opposite ends of stature and build.  Although it was quite by accident that we found ourselves saying goodbye at the end of a meeting with her seated and me standing.  We both laughed because it was the first time we have been sort of at eye level.  These pictures tell the tale of the long and lean and comfortably compact.  And it speaks to some sort of acknowledgement of our relative visual perspectives.  And our placement in group photos – front row, back row.
 Sense and sensebilidad  photo
 Sometimes the story is about clarity and sometimes about sensibility.
 Sense and sensebilidad  photo
Sometimes it’s about the chuckle.
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