Married to Hercules?

Aug 14, 2012
We have not had a lot of luck with our washing machine.  Every time a repairman comes to the house the sequence is review, fix, and then as his truck drives up the street, quit working.  I am happy to have a Parking Fairy that adds us in our finding prime parking spots.  I am now ready to her joined by the Appliance Fairy who oversees all sort of the things we need on a day to day.  Until such AF arrives we have been periodically doing laundry much as one would do in a dorm or a hostel – a few things at a time in the tub or sink.  I tend to use the bathtub, James the sink.  

The background is set.

Last Wednesday night James was washing a few things, I was in the living room watching TV.  All of sudden I hear a double thud.  

I call out to James and there was a very long pause (that I filled with worry) and then a response.  

“I broke the sink”.  Then no other words.  Just unspoken blue fumes and quiet.

Well now I’m as curious as I am concerned.  What does that mean?  Is the basin in pieces?  Is James injured?  Is it something affecting the cabinetry? Are their broken pipes?  

So off I go to have a look-see.  Aside from the two fuming folks who were present in the evening and absent in these Next Day photos, the sight was the same.  

In the bigger scheme of things it could be much worse.  We still have the bathtub.  But, still….

Bathroom sink update – Jay of North Brothers Plumbing came by, “…sink broke because of rusted clips. Good news, drains okay, only need clips”. 

Mixed news; need to tell James that he is not Hercules. 

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