Larry and James

Apr 9, 2012
Larry and James share a special bond.  It’s more than James being open to being a super pillow for Larry. Although at times it does seem like that is the role that is savored by Larry.  
No, there is more to it than that.  
We were reminded of this last night.  
 Larry and James  photo
James and I were snoring abed and suddenly we were both awakened.  
Scree, scree, scree.  Scamper.  Scree.  Scamper.  Glasses, flashlight, scree, scamper, scree, ugh, scree.  “Hold the flashlight.” “Here?” 
Overlight on…”There.” “Don’t let Leia and Larry back in.”Out of the room goes James.
In returns James with gardening gloves.  Furniture moves.  Gently grab.
Out by a tail.  Out to the safety of the night with the cat still in the house.
Here comes James back to the room.  “You know, it’s so true.  What they say about cats.  Every time he dropped the baby rat, it was at my feet.” 
Perhaps James is dreaming about not waking up because of Rat Patrol and
 Larry is dreaming about future gifts.
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