Her Honor, the Mayor

Mar 7, 2012
James and I are different. We could be the poster children, well middle-aged cute people, for ying and yang on some items. We are very different about the way we approach tasks. I love Praetorius, he loves Liszt. He loves hikes, I love looking at nature from a small distance. He’s more Bolcom, I’m more Ives. You get the idea.
In a long relationship like our marriage there should be places where we disagree – it would be pretty darn boring otherwise. We are almost never bored.
We do agree on a lot of things. One of the core values that we share is that individuals should not be limited based upon the “isms” that often limit opportunities. Most of us could recite some of these – limitations based on age, gender, orientation, and so on.
One of my earliest, and fondest, memories of being in Pasadena was standing with James in our dimly lit, dingy wall-papered room. We looked at our Yellow Pages and on the back was the image of this lovely woman. I don’t know whether it was James or I that noticed that that woman was our Mayor! I’m pretty sure we didn’t jump up and down, but our conversation around the topic was exuberant and genuine. We have found out town!
I won’t write more about Mayor Loretta Glickman since both Joe Hopkins and our very own PIO Ann Erdman have done a fine job covering her life. The transition from Black History Month to Women’s History Month was what drew me to mentioning Mayor Glickman. She is a woman of many “firsts” who should be remembered in Pasadena during Women’s History Month and in the other eleven months of the year.

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