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Dec 5, 2011
I never get to take pictures of our Latino Heritage parade or the jamaica, so it was so much fun to take pictures of the parade yesterday. I took a couple hundred candids and found it easy to edit out about 100. Then there was a second round. The challenge being in remembering that evocative can become blurry with the passage of time.
Here are a few of the remaining 87 and few comments, too.
If you look closely, if this pic opens up, you’ll see that Santa is wearing a T of R rose sticker. Rose Princess Sarah Zuno, of Franklin High School, is the beauty between Santa and L.A. Council member Ed Reyes. His office and the office of L.A. Council member José Huizar were actively involved in supporting the parade.
I don’t know who this fine looking gentleman was – picture taken mid-parade – but I had to take his picture. I was glad that he smiled while I shot away. He knew I’d be no competition!
The route was about 10 city blocks long and there were 4 stations where the Youth Announcers from Hathaway/Sycamore shared a bit about each entry over loudspeakers. Their enthusiasm and energy made the announcements fun to listen to as we slowly drove by.

There’s my favorite photographer.

If I get a chance I might post a couple more photos, but just in case I don’t, I wanted to be sure that I shared a bit of the crowds that were along the parade route. They came in costume, they cheered for all of us, and we all had a great time.

Thank you Rosamaria Marquez, Yolanda Nogueira, and the volunteers of the 67th Annual NELA Holiday Parade. I had a blast!

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