Arthur Bandini, Santa Clara College

Jun 6, 2012
Part of the reason for my trip over the last couple of weeks was going to institutions to do research in preparation for a talk that I’ll be giving on June 26.  The talk will be a part of series that is presented by the Pasadena Museum of History.  
I’ll be talking about some unexpected connections and roots that Arturo Bandini and Helen Elliott Bandini have to some well known aspects of Pasadena.  Things like the Tournament of Roses, Greene and Greene and the Shakespeare Club.
Arturo Bandini, standing by tree, with unknown persons and dog.
Photo courtesy of the Archives, Pasadena Museum of History

I began my trip with a stop at Santa Clara Universityh where Arturo had earned his B.A. and M.A.   
Chronocentric ego in the lead I went to college not knowing what to expect.  Arturo was born in 1853 so I was guessing he had been at Santa Clara College, as it was then known, in the 1870s.  I guess I was thinking that there would be a sheet or two of information that might be available to study.  So happy that my 21st century sense was wrong.
The students were welcoming, the archives were airy – yes, I wrote airy – and they had bound volumes of all the institution’s catalogues.  It’s striking to see what was being discussed, presented and studied.
And there is a part of me who wonders when Arturo became Athur who later became Don Arturo?

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