A Great Day for Picking Up Poo

Feb 15, 2013
Portland is not Pasadena.  I repeat, Portland is not Pasadena.  It’s not Portlandia, either, but I swear the title for this post is an actual quote from my daughter.  
You live in a place where it rains, is gloomy, or where the sun is theoretically evident most days in winter and you find yourself hearing comments like this.  I suspect the same may be true in other places in the Northwest, but our daughter and her family live in Portland, so that’s my point of reference.    
Since I don’t fly, my trips to Portland are timed part by work schedule and part by Siskiyou Pass weather projections.  I’ve had the experience of being in an honest to goodness snowfall on the Siskiyou and it’s not an experience I’m looking to repeat.
But the opportunity to be at Cheli’s 5 year birthday party was more than I could ignore.  So away I went.  
No snow, no hail, just a great time before the party.  Preparing to stuff balloons with treasure.
Grab a Donut game.

Don’t use your hands.

Light the candles on the cake decorated by Big Sister Lili and Nana (me).

Grin while your friends sing Happy Birthday.  

Turns out it was a great day for a party, too.

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