A day of contrasts and a party for the ages

Apr 2, 2012

Saturday was a filled with plants, to be bought, to be planted, to be weeded and to be arranged.

There were surprises in the weeding. Somehow while James was weeding he managed to be stung by a bee. Mind you, he’s not the sort to wail and whine when he’s hurt, but boy I knew that something was giving him pain.
He needed help getting the stinger out so I dashed off to the kitchen to get a knife. Stinger out. Boo boo pad that we bought for the girls out of the freezer, and quickly applied to the numbing finger.

Doña Researcher off to the rescue. Ah ha! the home remedy solution of choice – toothpaste. Yes, toothpaste, something about glycerin or it’s alkaline qualities. I leave that for James to figure out as I’m Doña Researcher and not Madam Scientist.

All this before we were set to go out to remember Bertha Loya. She was the dear mother of our friend. We had been invited to her memorial. “We would love to have you join us for music and food. My mother loved a good celebrations and she deserves the best, we hope to make it one for the ages”.
In grand East Los Fashion the memorial was a combination of creativity and make do with the space you have – in this case Mrs. Loya’s house. The memorial arrangements were set along the driveway. Furniture was moved from out of the dining room to the backyard, food of all sorts from hardcore Mexicano to Vegan was to be found throughout out the house, and the band moved from one end of the driveway to just outside the kitchen door – to get out of lightly falling rain.
Bertha would have loved it.

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