There’s An Increased Market For Sexual Harassment Training Videos, But Are They Effective?

Nov 18, 2019

2018 #MeToo March

In the wake of #MeToo, the market for workplace harassment training videos and other materials has increased.; Credit: Sarah Morris/Getty Images


A number of women have shined a light on mistreatment and sexual harassment in the workplace in recent years.

According to a recent piece in the New York Times, it’s led to an increased market for sexual harassment training videos in the workplace. Actors are hired to fill certain rolls that can portray uncomfortable and dangerous situations that play out. The training videos aim to help employees better understand what’s acceptable behavior. But are the videos actually effective? Today on AirTalk, we take a look at the evolving industry.


Sue Bendavid, lawyer at Encino-based lawfirm Lewitt Hackman, who represents companies and management in sexual harassment allegations; she also counsels private schools in best practices for handling allegations; she tweets @SBendavidEsq


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