Harvest Festival and Pie Contest

Oct 26, 2014

1280px-FoodApplePieThis event is November 9th, but we figure some folks will want to hone their pie-making skills in time for the upcoming Harvest Festival. All entrants will receive the Old Pasadena Farmers’ Market tote bag, while great-grandma’s family-honored and renowned bumbleberry pie recipe may prove to be just the ticket to garnering Grand Prize (and $50). Even kids may compete and win “Best Children’s Entry,” earning twenty-five bucks for stashing in the piggy bank, or more pie.

For the ears, the seven-piece Sawtooth bluegrass band will be performing. For the feet, participate in square dancing lessons. And, for the palate, sample “country-style food.” This free event will be MC-ed by Michael Calderon, who has appropriated the moniker “Mr. Pasadena.”

Matty and Lindsay Heffner of The Pie Hole, Shawna Dawson of Artisanal L.A., and Leslie Balla of Zagat will do the pie-judging honors—so less than two weeks remain to sharpen skills and bake the perfect pie. Bake fervently; we’re sure the family will be delighted to be taste-test guinea pigs.





The pie contest is for amateurs only, the pie must be made from scratch (natch!), the ingredients all natural, and a recipe must accompany the pie entry. The pie will be judged on…

  • Overall appearance: crust and filling color, creative detailing, even distribution of filling, etc.
  • Overall flavor: fresh taste, texture, doneness, consistency
  • Originality: creativity in appearance and flavor

Find complete list of rules and details here.

At the conclusion of the judging and awarding of prizes, contest pies will be sliced and served to the public.

Get cooking ’cause pie’s on the menu!

(We love pie.)




Pie Baking Contest at Harvest Festival
Sunday, Nov. 9th, 10 a.m.-3 p.m.
Pies accepted until 11 a.m.
Location: Old Pasadena Farmers’ Market

10 a.m.: Apple bobbing contest
10:30 a.m.: Kids, butter churning & pressed apple cooking
10:45 a.m.: Three-legged race
11 a.m.: Sawtooth Bluegrass Band
11 a.m.: Deadline for pie-baking contest entries
11:15 a.m.: Pie-baking prizes!
Noon: Egg toss contest
12:45: Corn shucking contest
1 p.m.: Square dancing with Dale Hoppers





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