Your Favorite Hometown Businesses

Feb 12, 2009

Vroman’s is having a contest they’re calling the Local Business Smackdown, and after its blog readers nominated favorites in all sorts of categories, the list of nominees is now down to the finalists. Go to the blog to cast your vote by Friday, February 20.

Some of the finalist choices are odd, especially in the Restaurants category — Pita Pita, Rock Island Wraps and Conrad’s made the list, but Daisy Mint, Saladang, Celestino, Tonny’s and Mike & Anne’s did not?

Still, there are good finalists galore, so weigh in soon! (And not to influence your vote or anything, but Motif, a finalist for Best Gift Store, is one of the most successful retailers of the book Hometown Pasadena in town. Besides Vroman’s, of course. Just had to mention it.)



Flintridge Books

Lyd and Mo Photography

Louis Jane Studios

Homage Pasadena