Top Ten Pasadena

Jan 5, 2010

Like our friend and neighbor Lian Dolan of the Chaos Chronicles, we’re suckers for a top-ten list. (Here’s her Top Ten Action Items for 2010.) Her list got us to think about our Top Ten Experiences in Pasadena for the preceding year. Here they are.

What are yours?

A collage of Ray Turner's portraits, on view at the PMCA

10. The fabulous and free staged readings put on by the South Pasadena–based theatre company Parson’s Nose.

9. Checking in with Altadenablog and Pasadena Daily Photo, two sites that take hyperlocal publishing to a new level.

8. The triple-header show at the Pasadena Museum of California Art: Wayne Thiebaud, Frances Gearhart and Ray Turner. It’s still up (until January 31), so get there soon if you haven’t already. It’s superb.

7. Surgery at Huntington Hospital. Okay, maybe not the actual surgery, but the kindness, professionalism and skill of every single person involved made the experience a lot less difficult than it could have been.

6. Watching the Guatemala marching band practice in Brookside Park two days before the Rose Parade.

The amazing lobster at Newport Seafood

5. Meeting a Chinese-born docent on a tour of the splendiferous Chinese garden at the Huntington and getting some great San Gabriel Valley restaurant tips from her (Newport Seafood for lobster, yes!).

4. Shopping the farmers’ markets in Montrose, South Pas and Pasadena.

3. Free summer concerts at the Levitt Pavilion, with friends and kids and a picnic.

2. The Fork in the Road. A whimsical guerrilla art installation that brings a bit of joy to everyone who passes.

1. Of the countless walks in the Arroyo, there was one last summer at twilight, with the trees glowing from the last gasps of daylight, that stands out for its beauty and tranquility. You’d never know the urbanity that throbs just minutes away.

7 Responses for “Top Ten Pasadena”

  1. Ben Wideman says:

    Amen to #9! – as well as the many other wonderful blogs in Pasadena.

  2. Lian Dolan says:

    Holy cow, Colleen, that lobster look unbelievable!

    For me, one of my Top Ten experiences must include Walking my Dog around the Rose Bowl and Fielding the Admiring Glances from the DWP Guys. At first, I thought they were staring at me, a middle aged mom in sweats. But actually, they are staring at my handsome German Shepherd. Ah, well, fellas– still makes my day at least once a week!


  3. Petrea says:

    Oh! Oh! Oh!
    My fingers won’t move on the keyboard–the modern equivalent of being speechless.
    Thank you, Colleen, I’m so honored to be on your top ten list. As Ben so graciously says, there are many wonderful blogs in Pasadena, including his. We have a great blogging community here.

  4. […] Colleen Dunn Bates of Hometown Pasadena has named Pasadena Daily Photo on her list of Top Ten Experiences in Pasadena for 2009. PDP proudly shares the #9 slot with Timothy Rutt’s powerhouse […]

  5. Michele Zack says:

    Thanks for this Colleen. While some of these experiences are familiar (go farmers markets, Petrea and Tim!), and #7 we would all avoid if we could, I can’t wait to try #s 8 and 5.

  6. mark says:

    Pasadena Daily Photo always shares my morning coffee. Fabulous photography and possibly the nicest blog owner in “Blogland.” I so want to visit Pasadena someday.

  7. […] of our favorite people in the universe (who shares a spot with us on Hometown Pasadena's Top Ten List), Petrea Burchard, the creator of Pasadena Daily Photo, will hold a salon at the Women's City […]



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