Sweetest Day, Pasadena Style

Oct 20, 2012

Did you know that the 3rd Saturday in October is considered “Sweetest Day”?

Jen Steers of reports that “in 1922, an employee at a Cleveland candy store, Birch Kingston, decided to share some sweets with orphans and elderly confined to their homes, Hallmark said.” (Yes, that Hallmark.)

Other Cleveland candy makers soon joined in, donating thousands of boxes to local charities. In the 1930s—again, according to Hallmark—movie stars handed out treats to paper boys, hospital patients, and theatergoers.

Though this “holiday” is primarily in the states around the Great Lakes, we thought we must take notice of a day that honors ambrosial delights. To celebrate Sweetest Day locally, we recommend these establishments:

Wonderland Custom Cakes: Some of the most marvelously decorated, sophisticated-looking cupcakes. There are usually two daily specials. The day we visited, the raspberry almond champagne was particularly tasty, as was the orange with fresh zest and orange creme frosting. They have 3 just-for-Halloween cupcakes, one of them being “Patch o’ Pumpkins,” which is pumpkin spice cake atop a gingerbread-pecan crust, filled with fresh pumpkin mousse, frosted with mascarpone creme, then topped with a housemade baklava pumpkin patch. 11 W. Dayton St., off of Fair Oaks Ave., across from Central Park. 626.486.9977

Amara Chocolate & Coffee: When’s the last time you had chocolate fondue? This little cafè in Old Pasadena serves their own kind of “classic” fondue. First, choose between dark, milk, or white chocolate couverture; milk chocolate and dulce de leche; or milk chocolate and crunchy peanut butter. Once that is resolved, indulge and dip with strawberries, bananas, marshmallows, cookies, cake bites, and mini churros. 55 S. Raymond Ave., between Colorado Blvd. and Green St. 626.710.8831

Flour + Tea: We have it on good authority that Flour + Tea’s boba is the best of the best. “My god, it, it, well, the boba—usually it doesn’t last, but there was the perfect amount in the drink. Not too squishy; not too chewey. I had the Black tea with boba—by the way, the boba is made fresh twice a day—and you can have your tea made as sweet as you want. It was so good, it was amazing; and the best boba…ever.” After catching her breath, our source also declared that the red velvet cake was the “best ever,” surprisingly flavorful, and the frosting wasn’t so thick and overwhelming that one was “actually driven to eat vegetables afterwards.” (Well, thank goodness for that.) 238 S. Arroyo Parkway, Unit 110. 626.698.1058



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