Places & Spaces: Artists View “the City” from L. A. to Pasadena

Apr 10, 2016

Timothy-Robert-Smith_Sth-PasadenaCouple and local artists Timothy Smith and Yuki Toy work may be seen thanks to the South Pasadena utility box art project, which we featured in Utility Box Art and Utility Box Art 2, respectively. Smith took on the metro at the Mission and Meridian in South Pasadena, complete with trains roaring by, the classic town clock, and a conductor holding an old-fashion pocket watch.

Toy went eclectic for the box at Mission and Fair Oaks with our town’s squawky parrots, an ostrich, a motorcycle-riding coyote, a cowboy hat, soccer goalie gloves and a portrait of soccer phenom David Beckham.

Smith and Toy join a dozen artists for the exhibit “Places & Spaces: Artists View the City” opening April 15 at Sugar Mynt Gallery.

We first met Teale Hathaway, a native of Pasadena, at her studio in Taylor Junction near the San Antonio Winery. She was preparing for her exhibit “Fragmented Realities,” which included 19′ x 10′ maps of downtown L. A. and the highways system. It also included 7′ tall strips of translucent frosted plexiglass for her streetlamp series. Some of these works will be included in “Places & Spaces.”


Streetlamps by Teale Hathaway

Streetlamps by Teale Hathaway


Hathaway's streetlamp as seen at the "Fragmented Realities" opening, Sept. 2015

Hathaway’s streetlamp as seen at the “Fragmented Realities” opening, Sept. 2015


Another participating artist is Bill Wheeler, a printmaker “producing hand-printed viscosity collagraphs, influenced by the Postmodernists, Kandinsky, and Paul Klee.”

Bonnie Lambert is a California Expressionist oil painter inspired by intense color and deep contrast reflected through urban landscapes. Southern California sparks Bonnie… with its fluid light, dramatic vistas, energized neighborhoods and passionate mix of cultures. (Sugar Mynt Gallery)


Artist Clare Holzer

Artist Clare Holzer


Clare Holzer: A very versatile woman both professionally and personally, she was raised in Southern California and she is the daughter of aerospace technical illustrator Philip Gwinn – known for his NASA space voyage animations, portraits of jazz musicians and syndicated comics. Clare learned under the watchful eye of her father and has studied art at Otis School of Art & Design, The Kline Academy of Fine Art, Los Angeles Valley College, and Glendale Community College in California. Many of her creations reveal her So-Cal background, delighting the eye at once with vibrant color and subtle hues. (


Places & Spaces
Opening reception, Friday, April 15th, 7-10 p.m.
Through May 14th
Sugar Mynt Gallery, 810 Meridian Ave., South Pas. 91030
Free event
For more info, visit
Or the event Facebook page
Phone: 1.626.222.7257


Photo credit: Sugar Mynt Gallery, South Pasadena

Photo credit: Sugar Mynt Gallery, South Pasadena


Participating artists: Bill Wheeler, Bonnie Lambert, Clare Holzer, Douglas Alvarez, Jennifer Celio, Michelle Robinson, Peter Dalton, Reba, Suzi Moon, Teale Hathaway, Timothy Smith, and Yuki Toy.



By Timothy Smith

By Timothy Smith


Smith’s painting above as seen on the utility box at the South Pasadena Metro stop…







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