Ode to Spring: Arlington Garden

Apr 6, 2009

arlingtonlavenderI know it might seem like we spend a lot of time going on about Arlington Garden here at Hometown Pasadena, but there’s a good reason for that: It’s flippin’ amazing. Plus I drive by it every day, and it brings a wee bit of joy every time. A true community effort, founded, created and maintained by volunteers (headed by the remarkable Betty and Kicker McKenney, who live in a condo overlooking the formerly vacant lot), this three-acre urban garden is now in spectacular spring bloom. arlingtonsabraThis corner lot at Pasadena Avenue and Arlington Drive in southwest Pasadena is well worth a trip, even if you live in Highland Park or La Crescenta or Sierra Madre. You can bring your dog, as long as you clean up any leavings, and the umbrella-shaded seating area is one of the finest picnic spots in town.

Spring is springing up everywhere, so if you have any photos to share of your favorite spring public park or natural space (Lacy Park? Descanso? The Arroyo?), please send it to us, and we’ll run it and heap credit upon you. Here are a few more of my photo wanderings from an afternoon’s stroll.






5 Responses for “Ode to Spring: Arlington Garden”

  1. Ann Erdman says:

    The City of Pasadena is proud to be a sponsor of this beloved demonstration garden!

  2. Nancy Long says:

    Pasadena Water and Power is offering an array of bi-monthly landscaping classes. You can learn how to develop and maintain a beautiful garden and use water efficiently. For more information and to make reservations for the workshops, visit

  3. It’s such a gorgeous garden. One of Pasadena’s best kept secrets.

  4. colleen says:

    And we are grateful to the city for helping make it possible! It’s a gorgeous place.

  5. As wonderful as the garden already is, we still have more plans to complete such as an arbor by the pepper quadrant, four blue hesper palms, two water elements, a labyrinth and ground cover substitutes for lawn. Please help complete the master plan or contribute to the maintenance of this treasure. And thank you for visiting the garden. We love to see people enjoying it.
    Betty and Kicker



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