Jacaranda Beauty

May 29, 2017

A few weeks ago, we began to see the jacaranda bloom and, to be candid, we didn’t pay attention—we walked without seeing, we drove by without a glance. But now the flowers have bloomed and the trees are popping purple all the way down the street and we scold ourself for taking the jacaranda for granted, believing their splendor could no longer turn our head.

Growing up in Connecticut, we did not experience a world of purple-lined streets. When we witnessed our first Southern California jacaranda blooming, we were awestruck. This sky of purple above our heads as we walk, corridors of purple down which we drive, makes Connecticut colors look like a box of plain, generic milk chocolates and Southern California’s palette as otherworldly and magical as an Alice Medrich bittersweet truffle.

So, we are appropriately humbled by the jacaranda mimosifolia. We pledge to never again take for granted its magnificence…









Photos by Kat Ward.








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