The Triple Agent: The al-Qaeda Mole who Infiltrated the CIA

Aug 9, 2011

From the author of the book behind the acclaimed film Syriana comes another thriller about what’s been called the CIA’s biggest disaster since 9/11. Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Joby Warrick tells the “harrowing and heartbreaking, fascinating and frightening” story of the al-Qaeda mole who infiltrated the CIA a year and a half before Osama bin Laden was killed. It all exploded (literally) in December 2009, when CIA’s top agents gathered at a secret base in Khost, Afghanistan, to greet the Jordanian man who they believed who would lead them to bin Laden: Humam Khalil al-Balawi. Al-Balawi was a double spy who had infiltrated the highest ranks of al-Qaeda and had been reporting shocking accounts of the inside to the CIA for months. To the shock of all, when al-Balawi stepped out of the car, he had a thirty-pound bomb strapped to his chest, which detonated instantly, killing seven CIA agents on the spot. How did dozens of the highest CIA operatives all not see through al-Balawi’s facade? How did this ambush connect to the finding of bin Laden a year and a half later?

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