The doctor is in

Mar 7, 2011

Today, AirTalk begins a new, semi-regular series looking at the top health stories, fads and frustrations facing patients and doctors. Making headlines last week, entertainment legend Mickey Rooney testified in front of a Senate Committee on Aging that he was “…unable to avoid becoming a victim of elder abuse.” Through tears, Rooney said it’s time to stop the chronic physical, emotional and financial abuse of elderly Americans by family and caregivers. Dr. Mark Lachs, a gerontologist at Weill Cornell Medical College, was with Rooney during his emotional testimony. Lachs joins us to talk about this and how patients of all ages can get the care they need. We’ll also look at the movement underway to get doctors to treat the whole patient, taking into account feelings, lifestyle, nutrition and other factors. Is this something you want from your doctor? Do you wish physicians would tell you it’s time to lose weight, eat better or quit smoking? Or would you prefer they mind their own waistlines and stick to the CT scans at hand? Does it work when doctors tell patients how they should live to improve their health? Dr. Lachs is in to take your questions and calls – no health insurance or appointment necessary.

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