TED2013 Talk: Why your twenties matter

Mar 5, 2013

Dr. Meg Jay

Dr. Meg Jay, psychologist that works primarily with clients in their 20s, spoke at TED 2013 about 30 not being the new 20 and how to make the most out of being 20-something. Credit: Jen Fariello

During TED 2013, clinical psychologist Dr. Meg Jay determined to inspire young adults to realize one thing—make your twenties count. In her speech, she spoke on this “defining” decade being the basis for marriage, family and a career. Instead of “sliding” into situations and relationships, Jay says 20-somethings should live their lives in a deliberate and meaningful way. She likens these years to an airplane and how even slightly veering off-course changes the destination.

With relationships, Jay believes in not wasting time in the dating game and discourages cohabitation. As for career-searching in a difficult economy, she hopes 20-somethings will network and begin to establish their careers because the 20s affect their future wages.

Do you agree? Are Jay’s comments reflective of your experience? Is Jay putting too much pressure on 20-somethings or is she underestimating them? Also, what positive and negative experiences in your 20s have influenced your life today?

Meg Jay, Ph.D, psychologist that works primarily with clients in their 20s; TED 2013 speaker; author of “The Defining Decade: Why your twenties matter—and how to make the most of them now”

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