From the CIA to the victims of 9/11, reflections on the death of Osama bin Laden

May 3, 2011

It's been a national obsession for almost ten years, a symbol of closure (of sorts) for the most destructive and deadly foreign attack on American soil in the history of the country. Osama bin Laden is now dead but the questions of how we got him, what we can learn from him and what this means for the national healing process are plentiful. The CIA and military intelligence pursued bin Laden for years but other high level terrorist leaders remain at large, and there are new targets that present threats to American security. What can be gleaned from the long effort to track bin Laden to his unexpected hiding spot outside of Islamabad, Pakistan? And for the victims of 9/11 there seem to be mixed reactions, from rejoicing for justice finally being served to an unfulfilled void, as the death of bin Laden will not bring back the 3,000 people killed on that morning in 2001. We talk to a former deputy director of the CIA and the mother of a woman who died in the World Trade Center to get their reactions on this day after.

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