Anthony Shadid’s posthumous memoir-House of Stone

Mar 16, 2012

Anthony Shadid, Pulitzer Prize winning Middle East correspondent for the New York Times, died on February 16 while on assignment in Syria. He left behind not only family, friends and many fans of his journalism, but also a memoir, which has just been published.

In House of Stone, Shadid chronicles his return to the small Lebanese town of Marjayoun to renovate a house built by his great-grandfather after it was damaged by an Israeli rocket in 2006. In the course of repairing the house, Shadid deals with crazed construction workers, town gossip and an unstable political situation but he pieces it all together with his own life decisions. In the process, the mysteries of his family’s history are uncovered as well as the details about their flight from Lebanon and their resettlement in America.

Nada Bakri, Shadid’s widow and Rajiv Chandrasekeran, join Larry Mantle to talk about Shadid’s memoir, the story of a man who discovers a lost Middle East, a place of dignity and grace that existed before so much beauty was wiped out by carnage and turmoil of war.


Nada Bakri, widow of Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Anthony Shadid and New York Times correspondent.

Rajiv Chandrasekeran, currently National Editor of The Washington Post, where he has worked since 1994.

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