Exchanging Scion Woods

Jan 28, 2014

20140109__sscs0110scions~1Fruit tree grafting is a great way to grow more fruit varieties in less space. This is the time of year to collect scionwood from dormant fruit trees like apples, peaches, etc.

The California Rare Fruit Growers  (founded in 1968) has eighteen chapters within the state of California. DRFG Foothill chapter is having their annual scion wood exchange this Saturday, February 1st, at the Arboretum.

Soon it’ll be time to graft it onto a rootstock or existing compatible tree. Many California Rare Fruit Growers chapters schedule grafting demos at their scion exchanges so if you don’t already know how to graft, you can learn.

If you have dormant scionwood to bring, please do. DON’T bring citrus as it’s quarantined in many of our counties. Bring your own baggies and a sharpie so you can label & keep separate the varieties you pick up. (Italicized text courtesy of Megan Lynch via Yvonne Savio, Master Gardener)


We spoke with Martin Koning-Bastiaan of CRFG Foothill branch who will be providing a grafting demonstration at Saturday’s event. The general public is welcome to Saturday’s event—welcome to bring some scion to exchange, to come and learn and take home some scion wood (though etiquette dictates that guests use common sense in how much scion they take).

CRFG members share information; exchange seeds, plants, and scion wood; give garden tours; hold plant sales; and give classes on propagation, pruning, and grafting for members. Meetings and activities are open to the public, as well as to members. (

CRFG’s Foothill branch meets on the first Saturday of every other month (even months), usually at the Arboretum. Membership is quite affordable and comes with six bimonthly issues of the Fruit Gardener magazine. They also have fruit specialists available to answer specific questions and a seed bank.

Collecting Scionwood
Saturday, Feb. 1st, 9:30 a.m.-noon
The Arboretum, Palm Room, 301 N. Baldwin Ave., Arcadia 91007
Admission is free
Visit CRFG Foothill or email




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