Convalescent Aid Society

Oct 24, 2010

This wonderful group has been laboring in relative obscurity since 1923, and it’s trying to get the word out so more people will take advantage of its services. Its mission is to help people recover from illness and surgery in the comfort of their own homes, by providing the free loan of medical equipment: wheelchairs, hospital beds, IV poles, toilet-seat risers, you name it. You can be any age, and you can be rich, poor or in between — as long as you live in the SG Valley, the lovely people here will get you everything you need for free. CAS also sponsors nursing scholarships at local colleges, to help improve the quality of health care in the community. And yes, they need help, especially in the office, in the warehouse, and to drive around in the CAS van to pick up equipment. Donations of good used medical equipment are always needed, too.

3255 E. Foothill Blvd., East Pasadena, 626.793.1696,



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