Celebrating, Garfield Park Style

Jan 20, 2011

Back in 1912, Garfield Park was chosen as the location for a San Gabriel Valley Inter-City celebration. There were overflowing tables of free barbecue and a concert that may have started with gentile performances of Haydn and Handel but ended up with a rowdy, crowd-pleasing new number called the “Inter-City Quick Step.” People from all over the region showed up to party under the trees in what appears to have been a Victorian version of one of Willie Nelson’s Fourth of July picnics. Newspapers claimed that 4000 people were at the park, and that “at least 3999 were satisfied.”

Maybe that one guy who didn’t have a good time just needed to brush up on his quick step.

Here, Little Bit does her own version of the quick step at Garfield Park. (So quick, in fact, she almost got away from me while I took this shot.)

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