What Am I?

Aug 2, 2015

sun-and-earthWhat Am I?
by Anne Volmeran


I am from the future and since it is nothing more than a big mystery,

I can dream about it as often as I like.

I am from the past, constantly evaluating my mistakes in order to correct them and become a better person.

I am from the present. Right here and now is the only time I am free to choose my thoughts and feelings with their resulting words and actions.

I am from the illusion of time, which is based by human consensus, on the movements of the earth on itself and around the sun. Every four years I need to add one day to my age.

I am from my parents’ chromosomes but I am not them. I just used these seeds to build my body by borrowing the elementals of water, earth, air and fire. After my death, I will return all these atoms and electrons to the Universe.

I am from Chi, the cosmic vibrating energy that creates, sustains and destroys all animate and inanimate things. This vibratory life force turns all manifested things into holograms.

I am from a thought in God’s consciousness. He created me according to His likeness by giving me, not only a spiritual soul, but also the gift of self-awareness. Animals exist and have the needed intelligence to solve their survival problems, but they are not self-aware and do not recognize themselves when placed in front of a mirror.




“Who Am I?” by Anne Volmeran (age 78). “Thank you, Pasadena Public Library for offering free classes, which allow me to stay alert and active.”




Photo, top right, NASA/MIT Earth Atmospheric, and Planetary Science Department (EAPS).

Photo, mirror of lake, by Rutake (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons.

1 Response for “What Am I?”

  1. Martina Gallegos says:

    I love your poem, Ms. Anne V.
    It makes me feel like I’m in some kind of mystical dream. It makes me wonder about things beyond our universe and things we can never see. Very nice 🙂



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