Free Music Under the Stars

May 17, 2010

Orchestral music is one of those things that’s never as cheap as you think it should be. Sure, it often requires dozens of performers with advanced training, expensive equipment, and other costly things, but it’s not like it’s Rock (Me Amadeus).… anyway. Every year, the Pasadena POPS puts on a free concert in front of  City Hall as a gift to the community. This year’s is coming up soon. The concert isn’t until 7 p.m., but the grounds open at 5:30 — it’s a summer picnic atmosphere, with children’s activities provided by Kidspace and gourmet food trucks on hand for your dining pleasure. No word yet on which trucks — or, for that matter, on what the program will be. Given the circumstances, however, count on it being something popular.

Music Under the Stars
Saturday, May 22, 7 p.m. (grounds open at 5:30)
Pasadena City Hall – Centennial Square
100 N. Garfield Ave., Pasadena
Free;; 626.793.7172

3 Responses for “Free Music Under the Stars”

  1. Djuna Copley-Woods says:

    Free classical music? Would’ve been great.

    However, as you mention moments later in your article, this is the Pasadena POPS orchestra, not a classical orchestra. Yes, many of the same instruments are used, and now that the orchestras have merged, many of the same musicians are employed. But the music? It is POPS music.

  2. Colleen Dunn Bates says:

    You’re right, Djuna, and we shall fix!

  3. Djuna Copley-Woods says:

    Thanks for the speedy fix!



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