Silver Lake’s Bar Keeper to leave Sunset Junction behind for Hoover Street

Jan 10, 2018
Bar Keeper at 614 N Hoover

Future home of Bar Keeper

SILVER LAKE — It was last April when the owner of Bar Keeper,  the Sunset Junction shop catering to mixologists with new and vintage barware as well as spirits and bitters, announced that he was looking for a new location as his lease was expiring.  That new location turns out to be a few blocks south on Hoover Street, which has been attracting new shops and businesses.

Owner Joe Keeper has filed an application with the Planning Department seeking permission to sell a full-line of alcoholic beverages  and hold “incidental on-site tastings” from a 1,431-square-foot store at 614 N. Hoover St.  The license is for  “0ff-site” sales, meaning the alcohol would be sold to-go and not consumed on the site except for those tastings.

The shop would be open from 11 am to 9 pm daily.

Bar Keeper’s new home is in the same row of storefronts where Vinovore,  a female-driven wine shop, opened its doors last month.  The newcomers are one block north from where Cafecito Organico has drawn customers and attention to this section of Hoover.

The urban design committee of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council is scheduled to take up the application at its Wednesday night (Jan. 10) meeting. However, final approval of the application will rest with a Planning Department hearing officer.

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