Echo Park couple wants their bike back

Jun 30, 2014


An Echo Park woman named Maricela is asking neighbors for help in recovering her boyfriend’s Trek bicycle that was stolen last week from their apartment near Belmont Avenue Palo Alto Street:

We are both very upset, but feel we can possibly get help from our community. We both own bikes and we use it for transportation around the city. I’ve already reported it to the police, but I’m not sure anything will be done about it.

We live in the south west side of Echo Park and a witness said the thief is a slender Latino with long hair wearing knee length red shorts. The suspect was seen walking on Belmont Ave on to the pedestrian bridge off of Union Ave/ Glendale Blvd. 101 freeway exit/ entrance. Crossing over to the north side of Belmont Ave., Bellevue Ave., Clinton St., and Glendale Blvd. If you can help out, I would dearly appreciate it.

The blue bike was a Trek 1000 Alpha Series.

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